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Top 10 Absolutely Best MLM Companies

This is different than anything else you will find out on the web, I’m not here to give you a cookie cutter list of the direct selling network top 10 companies.

I’m sure you are here to put it simply… MAKE MONEY!

Well since you found this blog then are probably already educated in the industry of Direct sales/MLM/Network Marketing so you know

exactly what a rewarding and profitable industry this is if… you find the right opportunity.

I’m just going to give you the facts and give it to you straight. Of course, you can’t make money in any of these companies,

the key is finding out the perfect fit for you.

My History in Network Marketing

I know for me personally my career in the industry came in waves.

The first wave was all about personal development. I racked up sleepless nights filled with books, youtube videos both motivational and inspirational speakers (Les Brown will always be my favorite).

This is the part of the story where most people say “the magic happened” well, not for me.

I’ll give you a little bit deeper background into me, the first company I was with was based MLM Expert Koco Garciaaround selling a travel club membership.

Let me preface what I am about to say by stating that this company helped me to become the successful and strong woman I am today. The problem was TRAVEL was a luxury I couldn’t even afford for myself, so packing my house full of strangers who up to that point I had done everything right.

I created a tremendous excitement, took the front of the room and completely killed it… I mean KILLED IT! Then why were my results so dismal.

Well, it turns out it came down to 2 things, the size of my “net” and the size of my “pond”.

I had no idea the power of numbers like I do now, my reach is around the world, back then I was chasing people around clothing stores until most all of them hid from me in dressing rooms.

Not only that I was limiting myself to a market all be it the largest in the world (travel) it was hard to convince someone that a membership to a club is worth more than an extra 10 minutes of searching on Travelocity or Orbits.

The second wave of my journey was where the perfect storm was made, where the skill matched the opportunity.

I know how lucky I am, it only took me two tries to get it right. This is where Dubli came into my life, I obviously reviewed it and put it on the top ten list because it’s what changed my life.

Here is what DUBLI is…




What happened was I got blessed to be around a few rockstars who showed me what real internet marketing and mlm is all about. The days of chasing people into submission were gone. Now all I focused on was creating content, shooting videos and actually connecting with people. I mean really genuinely reaching

out and connecting to people, sharing my skills and making an impact.

Obviously you can see by the rank of this page, I have taken my SEO game to a whole

new level and that’s just a sprinkle of how I invite people to look at my company.

I focus purely on attraction marketing because If you have ever felt like

me (like you’ve got the deal) then there is no reason to chase ANYONE.

Here is what I would like you to take away from this, all of these companies are great.I have friends in every single one and they absolutely love what they do. What I will tell you though is they all work way too hard, ten times harder than me so learn the art of attraction marketing.

I teach all of my downline to follow exactly what I do because there is no reason to waste your nights hosting company presentations or spending hours a week meeting people to share your company with. The real trick is in the size of your net.

There are a few reasons why a small percentage in the industry make the majority of the money. First, most of them being they don’t develop the skills to create

First – most of them being they don’t develop the skills to create

enough leads. In that instance, of course there won’t be a profit, would a brick and motor business survive?

Second – the dream of making money residually isn’t strong enough

to overcome a few simple fears (if you can’t get over something small like shooting a youtube video or posting things on facebook then this industry isn’t for you).

Finally – I think this is the saddest situation but it happens so frequently, signing up with someone who doesn’t have the same passion for success that you do.

Use These 4 Tips and You Will Have Success in Direct SalesRon Swanson

Sign up with an expert (not friends or family)

Find something that you can easily represent

Learn to market yourself/opportunity online

Never take it seriously (See Ron’s advice ->)

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